martes, 7 de agosto de 2007

Dream house

Dream House.
Two Bedroom.
Two Bathroom.
the Living room.
One Kitchen.

What are you doing?

Roberto: Hi, Jessika. This is roberto. I'm calling from the Party.
Jessika: Party?
Roberto: Yeah. Is birthday the Carlos remember?
Jessika: Oh, right.
Roberto: Are you sleeping?
Jessika: Yes.
Roberto: Oh, I'm really sorry.
Jessika: That's Ok. I'm Awake... Now.

I'm not wearing boots!

In The midle is Roque Santa Cruz, He's From Paraguay Is he wearing clothes the T-shirt blue. Next to my friends marco he's from Maracaibo Is he wearing the T-shirt.I'm wearing clothes the T-shirt blue and white and Cap blue.

Where are you From?

He's name is Alessandro Del piero.
He's From Italy.
Is your firts language is italian.
He's My favorite player.
Hes' The best.
He's player soccer in the team Juventus and Team National Italian.

Where are my things?

The camera is on books

The sunglasses is next to bag.

lunes, 6 de agosto de 2007

What's This?




CD Player


Cell Phone



domingo, 5 de agosto de 2007

It's nice to meet you.

Roberto: Hi, ronny. How are you?
Ronny: Fine, thanks.
Roberto: That we are going to do today.
Ronny: We are going to play soccer and soon we go for the mary house.
Roberto: Ok. But I do not go for the mary house, because I must study.